About Us & Our Teachers

The Young People’s Theatre Project is made up of teachers, actors, directors, writers, and technicians who have all benefited from opportunities in educational theatre and want to share their experience with as many people as possible.

The Young People’s Theatre Project is made up of young people, who have “graduated” through the various Project programs, and are now returning to both gain and share new experiences by working as volunteers or staff members.

The Young People’s Theatre Project is indeed an ever-expanding community of young people of all ages as we expand our work to include participants as young as 6 or 7 and as old as 67.

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And when you get involved – whether on stage, behind the scenes, in the audience, or from a distance – The Young People’s Theatre Project is you.

The Young People’s Theatre Project combines entertainment and education for all audiences. Through performances, workshops and residencies with professional theatre artists, young people of all ages explore their creative potential. The Project is a resource to an ever expanding community, from opening nights to opening minds.


We are excited to introduce The Young People’s Theatre Project’s most recent additions! 

Rachel O. Chambers is the name and theater has always been the game! Seriously this girl’s passion and involvement in the arts has existed since she can remember. Everything that makes theater happen you can bet Rachel’s done it. She even has a BFA from the University of Louisiana to prove her talents in acting, costuming, lighting, directing, special effects makeup, scenic design, and even puppetry.

Since moving to Portland Rachel has been involved in teaching improvisation and acting virtually with Zoom, filming several series on Netflix, as well as taking on the director position for American Immersion Theater’s Portland troupe where they specialize in Murder Mystery. From community theater, collegiate theater and beyond, Rachel has been involved in many roles both backstage and onstage proving that there are no small roles when it comes to the arts! 

Karina Garcia is an artist, activist, and educator based in the Pacific Northwest. She recently moved back to the Portland area from Seattle, where she worked with several organizations including Seattle Children’s Theatre, Foundry10, and Intiman Theatre.

As a theatre and teaching artist, Karina works to bring equity and inclusion onto the stage and into the classroom, and strives to give a platform to historically marginalized voices.


Emma Onasch was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She holds a B.M. in Musical Theatre from The Catholic University of America and an acting certificate from Fordham’s London Dramatic Academy. She has taught theatre and music to students all over the San Francisco Bay Area  with the Bay Area Children’s Theatre.

She currently lives and works in New York City as an actor and teaching artist, and she is delighted that virtual learning has allowed her to reconnect with her roots in The Young People’s Theatre Project, an organization she has been involved with in many capacities since the age of 13!