It’s not too late to join us! Partner with the Project in 2014!

121314 GRAPHIC

A Project Partner is a donor who gives — or pledges to give — $1000 or more during a single fiscal year. Our fiscal year aligns with the school-year, and we were supported by 11 Project Partners during the year that ended in August. For this year, our goal is to encourage 15 or more supporters to give $1000 or more. We’ve chosen 12/13/14 to bridge the gap between 11 and 15!

This Saturday, when the calendar sees its last sequential date in a LONG time, please know that every dollar counts in support of the work of The Young People’s Theatre Project, and remember us in your year-end giving at whatever level you are able.

Please also consider becoming a Project Partner, with a gift of $1000 or more during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. You’ll receive two seats at our annual Cabaret and Fundraiser in May, premium seating at our summer shows, and special mention in our programs. But, most of all, you’ll know that your support is helping young people discover their next stage.

Join us on the journey and partner with The Project into 2015. We’re counting on you!